The patented Ultima-Tig wet tungsten grinder demonstrates an eco-friendly way to grind perfect accurate and repeatable angles on tungsten electrodes.

The Ultima-Tig is constructed with a unique, fully enclosed grinding chamber and dust disposal container that automatically collects all toxic dust particles. This results in a healthy dust free environment for the operator, eliminating the need for separate exhaust systems. The sealed container can be disposed of into landfill (in accordance with HSE OC 564/6 REV)

Ultima-Tig Tungsten Grinder 240V

    • The Ultimate in Tungsten Grinding Technology
    • Long lasting Diamond Super Abrasive grinding disc
    • Eco friendly collection of toxic dust particles
    • Fully enclosed Grinding chamber means there is no dust exposure to the operator thus eliminating the need for extraction
    • Perfect grinding for accurate angles
    • A combined electrode length gauge and locking device,ensuring minimal removal of electrode during grinding(0.3mm)
    • Polished angle surface for improved arc striking and arc stability
    • Longer electrode life between regrinds
    • Ergonomic design and easy to use
    • Capable of grinding electrodes up to 4mm in diameter for standard machine or up to 8mm for the Ultima-Tig 4.8 machine
    • Can grind electrodes as short as 8mm in length (special electrode clamp required)
    • 240 Volt
    • Powerful 380W motor producing 8500 RPM