Three-way flexibility

Completely independent thanks to All-In technology for mains supply, generator and battery


Intuitive control

ControlPro control panel with graphic display, push-and-turn controller and job memory function


Remote control at the torch

The Powermaster torch puts all welding parameters right at your fingertips


Portable TIG welding inverter

Mobile and compact 200 DC TIG welding ­machine with MicorBoost technology, non-contact high-frequency ignition and ­electrode welding function.


Total flexibility

Completely independent thanks to All-in technology for mains supply, generator and battery.



The built-in Power Factor Correction Module (PFC) provides for an ­optimum mains load as well as full capacity during 230 V mains operation.


Graphical display with language selection and job memory

The MicorTIG 200 ControlPro offers a clearly structured user interface that makes controlling the machine fully intuitive.


Pulse and fast pulse

The integrated pulse function with up to 5 kHz is ­exceptionally well-suited for welding thin sheets.


Control Pro Control Concept

With this being a Control Pro Machine, it has the following additional control features; Menu navigation via detailed welding sequence control, HF ignition, Pulse function with up to 5 kHz, Job memory for 10 welding tasks, Exact-ampere digital display, Infinitely variable current setting, Electrode pre-selection for Standard and CEL, Switch 2-stroke/4-stroke, Remote control connection, Possibility for connection of the Lorch Powermaster remote control torch

Lorch MicorTIG 200 Control Pro (Accu Ready) Welding Machine

SKU: 108.2005.0
  • TIG

    Welding range (in Amps): 5-180 | 5-200

    Current setting:                infinitely variable


    Welding range (in Amps): 10-140 | 10-180

    Weldable electrodes (mm): 1.5-3.2 | 1.5-4.0

    Duty cycle TIG DC

    Duty cycle 100% (in Amps) – DC: 130 | 140

    Duty cycle 60% (in Amps) – DC: 150 | 160

    Duty cycle at max. current (in %) – DC: 25%


    Mains voltage (in V): 115 | 230

    Phases (50/60 Hz): 1~

    Positive mains tolerance (in %): 15%

    Negative mains tolerance (in %): 15%

    Mains fuse (in Amps): 25 | 16

    Mains plug: Schuko


    Dimensions (LxWxH) (in mm): 360x130x215

    Standards and approvals

    Standard: EN 60974-01

    Protection class (EN 60529): IP23S

    Insulation class:                F

    Designation: CE, S