Built-in ability to be upgraded with future welding processes and features


Highly customizable

Maximum flexibility for every situation


Continuous intelligence

Perfect arc with adjustable dynamic range



Lorch’s MicorMIG is set apart by the exceptional MIG-MAG welding ­characteristics it delivers – regardless of whether the welder uses mixed gas or CO₂.


Dynamic control

Select the arc characteristic you prefer. Depending on the ­operating panel you have selected, you can opt for dynamic levels that range from “soft” to “hard”.


Synergic pre-selection

MicorMIG versions BasicPlus and greater offer a large number of welding programs for various material, wire and gas combinations. Depending on the design of your machine, you can set the programs in the wire feed compartment of the case or in the wire feed compartment of the compact system.



Never before has it been easier to adjust a welding machine to the ever increasing challenges posed by today’s welding tasks. It is now a breeze to upload welding processes, welding programs and functions to the MicorMIG that both boost performance and streamline the workflow.


Enhanced performance thanks to MicorBoost

Our MicorBoost technology ­affords you even greater effectiveness at a higher degree of efficiency when completing MIG-MAG welding tasks. Better still, you will also be able to draw on higher voltage ­reserves when you need to produce perfect electrode welding results – even if using CEL and special electrodes.

Lorch MicorMIG 350 Control Pro Watercooled Compact Welding Machine

  • · Lorch MicorMIG ControlPro Bedienfeld

    · “3 steps to weld” operating concept

    · Infinitely adjustable welding current setting

    · Digital volt-ampere display

    · High-luminosity graphic display (OLED) for display of the 3rd main parameter

    · Activation of end crater filling as necessary

    · 21-stage arc dynamic control

    · Automatic setting control (synergy control)

    · Welding program selection in the feed ­compartment

    · Tiptronic job memory for 100 welding tasks

    · Upgradability